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Richard Rivera is a court-qualified police practices expert in areas such as policies, internal affairs and use of force.  Early in his career as a police officer he witnessed firsthand wholesale crimes and misconduct by fellow cops.  Rich reported his findings to the FBI and was later terminated from his police job.  Since then, he has made it his endeavor to promote professional and constitutional policing.  He was a field researcher on the first roadway surveys that proved racial profiling was real, not imagined.  Rich worked with pioneers in the 1990s on body wore cameras for holding police accountable.  Later he was the first law enforcement officer selected to be a Soros Justice Fellow.  His primary focus is preventing police misconduct and educating officers to avoid the pitfalls and temptations of deviant police culture.  Data and evidence-based solutions are used to present facts and realities to elected and police officials.  Rich co-founded the National Coalition of Latino Officers and is a community organizer on policing issues.  He has presented, been interviewed or quote on more than 400 times in the media. 


Richard Rivera